Lutro0 Custom Sleeving Supplies will now be available at - Everything is the same tools and supplies I use so they are all tried, tested, and true! 

Teleios Sleeve is now available at right now with all of the tools and supplies being added within a week.

Hey guys!

I know you guys have been waiting for information on when LC products will be available again. I am pleased to announce that I have a timeline of about 3 weeks max for the full re-opening. Plus there is allot more surprises along with that.

However in the mean time we will start having items like our combs, extractors, and connectors available at along with the awesome items already available at MB.

Keep an eye on ModBunker as we will be listing LC Teleios Sleeve, LC Coreless Paracord, LC Crimpers, and other sleeving items as they become available.

We are doing everything possible to make this a fast and fun transition so that you can get back to your sleeving projects.

This does mean that Lutro0 Custom sleeving supplies will now be listed on But LC items in name and quality will stay the same, this change was needed to provide the best customer service we could offer - while at the same time pooling the ideas of LC, White Light Laser, and Mod Bunker to provide you with the most innovative and trustworthy sleeving & modding supplies world wide!

I appreciate your patience with my family issue and with the store being down right now - but I assure you this transition will be a seamless and proper transition which will increase our customer service and quality and decrease our shipping times .

Thanks so much for your support and continued help!


Welcome to the Lutro0 Customs' Online Sleeving Supply Shop!
PLEASE CHECK THE BLOG FOR NEWS AND UPDATES ----------------------------->

Lutro0 Customs vision has always been to help new sleevers and experienced ones alike get into the hobby of sleeving and be more experienced at it. Our goal has always been to provide the "knowledge, tools, and patience  what will allow you to create stunning works of art with your sleeving project.

Lutro0 Customs has always provided top quality DIY sleeving videos, shop reviews, and product reviews to keep you more informed. We have also provided detailed Frequently Asked Sleeving Questions to help you in your search for sleeving knowledge. 

With the formation of the shop none of that will change, what will change is now Lutro0 Customs will be able to provide you the proper sleeving tools and supplies that will make your job easy. The best part about it being our commitment to keeping the price as low as possible. Lutro0 Customs will lower its own profit margin just so that you the sleever, can easily pick up all the supplies you need to get started on your custom project right away. No more guess work about which tool is better, or which sleeving material is worth your money.

Lutro0 Customs will continue to provide custom sleeved products as well, but with more options. Such as providing pre-crimped wires, or pre-crimped and sleeved wires for you to sleeve your whole PSU! Take the guess work out of sleeving and treat yourself to that custom look your mod/build has been needing.


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